編號 中文曲名 英文曲名 分類 歌詞
001 聖哉三一 Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty 聖三一 001
003 三一來臨 Come, now. Almighty King 聖三一 003
004 人天同讚 Bright the vision that delighted 聖三一 004
005 讚美三一 All praise to God who built the hills 聖三一 005
006 萬古 之主 Ancient of days, who sits enthroned in glory 聖三一 006
008 三一真神光輝 0 Trinity of blessed light 聖三一 008
009 至尊三一上主 My Lord of light who made the world 聖三一 009
010 崇拜萬有的父 Father eternal, Lord of the ages 聖三一 010
011 真神名號當頌揚 Source and sovereign, rock and cloud 聖三一 011
012 神在聖殿中 God is in His temple 聖三一 012
013 持守信仰 I bind unto myself today 聖三一 013
014 上主創造精深奧妙 God of cosmos and of atom 聖三一 014
015 三一頁神奧祕難描 God the Spirit, guide and guardian 聖三一 015
016 永恆之伸 Eternal light, shine in my heart 聖三一 016
017 永恆主宰啟奧祕 Come, great God of all the ages 聖三一 017
018 候主聖言再造 0 God, whose first creative Word 聖三一 018
019 我靈歡呼 Tell out, my soul 聖父 019
020 神是愛 God is love, and age after age declares it 聖父 020
021 聖哉全能大主宰 Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty 聖父 021
022 回應偉大真神 God of the sparrow 聖父 022
023 獨一真神 Immortal, invisible. God only wise 聖父 023
024 上主永恆恩惠 God of eternal grace in whom our spirits move 聖父 024
025 主光來臨 Father of lights, who brought to birth 聖父 025
026 獨一、聖善之神 God, beyond all human praises 聖父 026
027 諸天述說主榮耀 The heavens are singing 聖父 027
028 永恆真光 Eternal light! Eternal light 聖父 028
029 稱揚真神到永遠 Ever-flowing streams of praise 聖父 029
030 讚美上主 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 聖父 030
031 快樂頌 Joyful, joyful, we adore You 聖父 031
032 聖父尊名 God the Father, name we treasure 聖父 032
033 真神造天地 Our true God created all 聖父 033
034 主愛輝煌 Lord of all being, throned afar 聖父 034
035 善牧恩慈 The King of love my shepherd is 聖父 035
036 生命之神 God of our life 聖父 036
037 榮歸至高主 Glory be to God on high 聖父 037
038 榮耀歸神 Father, long before creation 聖父 038
039 亞伯拉罕的主 The God of Abraham praise 聖父 039
040 至善之神 Sing praise to God, our highest good 聖父 040
041 廣大慈悲 There's a wideness in God's mercy 聖父 041
042 主是父親 0 God, You are the Father of all that have believed 聖父 042
043 以色列上主 Sh'ma Yisrael 聖父 043
044 我心感謝上主 My soul, praise You the Lord 聖父 044
045 上主旨意奧妙 God moves in a mysterious way 聖父 045
046 擁戴我主為君 Crown Him with many crowns 聖子 046
047 大哉聖名 All hail the power of Jesus' name 聖子 047
048 同尊耶穌萬有主 All hail the power of Jesus' name 聖子 048
049 神聖純愛 Love Divine, AII Loves Excelling 聖子 049
050 太初真道 From the dawning of creation 聖子 050
051 崇拜聖名 At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow 聖子 051
052 主僕頌主權柄 You servants of God, Your sovereign proclaim 聖子 052
053 萬有尊崇耶穌 Come celebrate 聖子 053
054 基督--永恆之主 Christ the eternal Lord 聖子 054
055 聖名榮光 0 for a thousand tongues to sing 聖子 055
056 頌讚耶穌基督 When morning gilds the skies 聖子 056
057 基督無所不在 Christ be beside me 聖子 057
058 基督榮光 You, living Christ, our eyes behold 聖子 058
059 讚美榮耀基督 From God Christ's deity came forth 聖子 059
060 耶穌,我心所慕 Jesus the very thought to me 聖子 060
061 太初真道居人間 Jesus, the Word, has lived among us 聖子 061
062 美哉主耶穌 Fairest Lord Jesus 聖子 062
063 頌讚歸主 All praise to Christ 聖子 063
064 基督--世界真光 Christ is the world's light 聖子 064
065 美妙聲音 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 聖子 065
066 耶穌,我心所樂 Jesus, the joy of loving hearts 聖子 066
067 主愛奇妙 Jesus, Master, gracious Saviour 聖子 067
068 基督永長久 Have you ever known 聖子 068
069 神是喜樂泉源 Retell what Christ's great love has done 聖子 069
070 歌唱主生平 0 sing a song of Bethlehem 聖子 070
071 遠超萬名之名 Jesus is Lord 聖子 071
072 耶穌我主 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my all 聖子 072
073 來就基督耶穌 We come, 0 Christ, to You 聖子 073
074 基督耶穌是主 He is Lord 聖子 074
075 歌頌至聖之神 Praise to the holiest in the height 聖子 075
076 向光榮前進 From glory to glory advancing we praise You 聖子 076
077 永生之愛 Immortal Love, Forever Full 聖子 077
078 天來氣息神靈風 Holy Spirit, heaven's breath 聖靈 078
079 聖靈來臨 Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord 聖靈 079
080 萬風之源 Wind who makes all winds that blow 聖靈 080
081 靈氣吹我 Breathe on me, breath of God 聖靈 081
082 聖靈臨格 Come, Holy Ghost, who ever one 聖靈 082
083 聖靈乃生命源 0 Holy Spirit, root of life 聖靈 083
084 聖靈刀斧 May the Holy Spirit's sword 聖靈 084
085 上主之靈 Spirit of God, descend upon my heart 聖靈 085
086 恩賜聖靈奇妙工 For Your gift of God the Spirit 聖靈 086
087 你當無懼,樂歡欣 Fear not, rejoice and be glad 聖靈 087
088 復甦眾心 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly dove 聖靈 088
089 神聖之靈 Spirit divine, attend our prayers 聖靈 089
090 聖潔神靈 Holy Spirit, Truth Divine 聖靈 090
091 願教會頌聲不絕 Make our church one joyful choir 尊崇讚美 091
092 教會之頌歌 We praise You, 0 God 尊崇讚美 092
093 樂歌榮神 When in our music God is glorified 尊崇讚美 093
094 宇宙群生匯頌聲 For the music of creation 尊崇讚美 094
095 音樂恩賜讚主愛 God of grace and God of laughter 尊崇讚美 095
096 全地歡呼頌揚 Jubilate Deo 尊崇讚美 096
097 振興主民頌歌 Give thanks for music-making art 尊崇讚美 097
098 四方歡欣頌揚 Hills of the north, rejoice 尊崇讚美 098
099 神,永恆主 Eternal God, we give You thanks for music 尊崇讚美 099
100 主是真光 We are singing 尊崇讚美 100
101 你真偉大 0 wondrous God 尊崇讚美 101
102 阿利路亞 Alleluia 尊崇讚美 102
103 以主為樂 Rejoice in God 尊崇讚美 103
104 屈膝尊崇 I bow down and kiss Your feet 尊崇讚美 104
105 讚美永生真神 Praise to the living God 尊崇讚美 105
106 頌歌響遍賀我王 Let all the world in every corner sing 尊崇讚美 106
107 永恆上主 Lord of the future 尊崇讚美 107
108 榮耀全歸上主 Sing glory to God in the height of the heavens 尊崇讚美 108
109 神是我歌 God is our song 尊崇讚美 109
110 尊主至高名 God, we praise You 尊崇讚美 110
111 我靈尊主為大 Magnificat 尊崇讚美 111
112 萬有歸榮 Lord, You do not need our praises 尊崇讚美 112
113 同心歌頌神 We come with songs of blessing 尊崇讚美 113
114 高舉主大能 Onward, you saints 尊崇讚美 114
115 全人獻頌讚 My mouth was made for worship 尊崇讚美 115
116 大地風光 For the Beauty of the Earth 尊崇讚美 116
117 寰宇群生 AII Creatures of Our God and King 尊崇讚美 117
118 萬福源頭 Come, 0 fount of every blessing 尊崇讚美 118
119 主全能右手 The right hand of God is writing in our land 尊崇讚美 119
120 聖徒古今讚頌 Sing praises old and new 尊崇讚美 120
121 基督活石 The rock is Jesus 尊崇讚美 121
122 主創造育養 Creating God, Your finger trace 尊崇讚美 122
123 約翰宣言 On Jordan's bank the baptist's cry 將臨 123
124 點燃等待之光 0 Lord, how shall I meet You 將臨 124
125 點燃燭光 Kindle a flame to lighten the dark 將臨 125
126 預備上主道路 Prepare the way of the Lord 將臨 126
130 神聖喜樂之光 0 holy radiance, joyous light 將臨 130
131 安慰百姓 Comfort, comfort you my people 將臨 131
132 萬邦所望救主臨 Saviour of the nations, come 將臨 132
134 曠野呼聲 There's a voice in the wilderness crying 將臨 134
135 期待主耶穌 Come, 0 long-expected Jesus 將臨 135
136 歡迎新郎 Sleepers, wake! A voice astounds us 將臨 136
137 歡迎基督 Long go, Prophets Knew 將臨 137
138 新郎近了!歡欣 Rejoice! Rejoice, believers 將臨 138
139 以馬內利來臨 0 come, 0 come, Emmanuel 將臨 139
140 天使宣布救贖臨 Herald, sound the note of judgement 將臨 140
141 應許器皿 Mary, woman of the promise 將臨 141
142 我心稱頌主 My soul proclaims with wonder 將臨 142
143 恩臨萬世 Blest be the God of Israel 將臨 143
144 上主救贖,旨意奧妙 Feel the Spirit in the kicking 將臨 144
146 屬天聖言 0 heavenly word, eternal light 將臨 146
147 君王臨近 The King shall come when morning dawns 將臨 147
148 父愛誕生 Of the Father's love begotten 聖誕 148
151 宇宙齊崇拜" Bow down, you stars and moon and sun 聖誕 151
152 主離高天大榮耀 Christ from heaven's glory come 聖誕 152
153 神子已生伯利恆 Stars of ice, wheel of moonlight bright 聖誕 153
154 明星燦爛 Midnight stars make bright the skies 聖誕 154
155 聖誕佳音 The first nowell the angel did say 聖誕 155
156 平安夜 Creator, Spirit, living Word 聖誕 156
157 來讚美 Come and bless 聖誕 157
158 救主耶穌親臨 Jesus the Saviour comes 聖誕 158
159 神子賜給我們 The darkness turns to dawn 聖誕 159
160 主愛掌權 God's love made visible 聖誕 160
161 同頌基督誕生 0 Baby born in Bethlehem 聖誕 161
162 新生王 Hark! The herald angels sing 聖誕 162
163 誕生佳音 Christians, awake, salute the happy mom 聖誕 163
164 齊來崇拜 0 come, all ye faithful 聖誕 164
165 願主來臨 Come now, Lord Jesus 聖誕 165
166 夜半歌聲 It came upon the midnight clear 聖誕 166
167 普世歡騰 Joy to the world! The Lord is come 聖誕 167
168 小伯利恆 0 little town of Bethlehem 聖誕 168
170 天使佳音 Angels we have heard on high 聖誕 170
171 傳揚佳音 Go, tell it on the mountain 聖誕 171
172 求主居我心 Lord, You left Your throne 聖誕 172
173 基督卑微誕降 All poor, meek and humble 聖誕 173
174 ?生為萬民 Child of joy and peace 聖誕 174
175 馬棚明燈 A stable lamp is lighted 聖誕 175
176 聖誕真義 We come uneasy 聖誕 176
177 奇妙靜夜主恩臨 This night the music of the spheres 聖誕 177
178 回應救主誕生 No frightened shepherds now 聖誕 178
179 平安臨世 Peace among earth's peoples is like a star 顯現 179
181 奮起!真光已臨 Arise, Your light is come 顯現 181
183 榮耀基督顯明 0 radiant Christ, incarnate Word 顯現 183
184 阿利路亞頌歌飄揚 Alleluia, song of gladness 顯現 184
185 古人喜樂 As with gladness those of old 顯現 185
186 迎主親臨 Hail to the Lord who comes 顯現 186
187 晨星輝煌 Brightest and best of the stars of the morning 主受割禮 187
188 上主愛子 When Jesus Christ was eight days old 獻聖嬰日 188
189 救主之光臨殿 Into the temple with two turtle doves 主受水禮 189
191 永恆神光 0 Lord, eternal light of God 主受水禮 191
192 真神聖道顯肉身 Songs of thankfulness and praise 主受水禮 192
193 主受水禮 The sinless one to Jordan came 主受水禮 193
194 上主成肉身 Sing of God made manifest 主受水禮 194
195 基督受水禮 What ruler wades through murky streams 易容顯光 195
197 上主,永恆聖光 God of eternal light 易容顯光 197
198 山上榮光相輝映 Down from the mount of glory 易容顯光 198
199 遵主囑咐 We have come at Christ's own bidding 易容顯光 199
201 從罪灰走向活水 From ashes to the living font 大齋 201
204 效主禁食禱告 The glory of these forty days 大齋 204
208 內省修身主前靜默 A gain we keep this solemn fast 大齋 208
209 預苦四十晝夜 Throughout these Lenten days and nights 大齋 209
210 四旬禁食 Forty days and forty nights 大齋 210
212 重價大愛 A man of ancient time and place 大齋 212
213 與主同死同活 Eternal Lord of love 大齋 213
214 祈禱禁食操練生命 0 kind Creator, bow Thine ear 大齋 214
215 與主同行 To the desert Jesus came 大齋 215
216 生命樹奧祕 Tree of life and awesome mystery 大齋 216
217 上主之愛長闊高深 0 Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High 大齋 217
218 來就上主羔羊 Just as I am, without one plea 大齋 218
219 回轉歸向救主 0 word of pity, for our pardon pleading 大齋 219
220 耶穌一信徒榜樣 Jesus, when You walked this earth 大齋 220
221 僅似芥種一粒 How can it be, the life of Jesus 大齋 221
222 基督常新不變 0 changeless Christ, for ever new 大齋 222
223 畢生愛主 My God, I love Thee 大齋 223
225 王騎驢進城 He rides in majesty 棕枝主日 225
227 和散那歸上主 Hosanna to the Lord 棕枝主日 227
229 和散那 Hosanna, loud hosanna 棕枝主日 229
230 無量榮光 All glory, laud and honour 棕枝主日 230
231 救主乘驢進行 Ride on! Ride on in majesty 棕枝主日 231
232 奇妙十架 When I survey the wondrous cross 聖週 232
233 奇妙十架 When I survey the wondrous cross 聖週 233
234 寶架清影 Beneath the cross of Jesus 聖週 234
235 讚美寶血 Glory be to Jesus 聖週 235
236 高舉十架 Lift high the cross 聖週 236
237 請看上主--義僕君王 From heaven You came 聖週 237
238 無比大愛 My song is love unknown 聖週 238
239 代禱之主 0 Word of pity. For Our Pardon Pleading 聖週 239
240 奇妙大愛 What wondrous love is this 聖週 240
241 你話語展能力 By Your wounds we are healed 聖週 241
242 十架光芒 The royal banners forward fly 聖週 242
243 惟遵父旨 Shadows gather, deep and cold 聖週四 243
244 逾越晚餐 On that Thursday, Jesus 聖週四 244
245 紫色的袍 A purple robe 聖週四 245
246 主受裁決 He stood before the court 聖週四 246
247 靜夜,痛苦深 Bitter was the night 聖週四 247
248 神聖赦罪權能 I do not know the Man 聖週四 248
250 主受譏諷凌辱 To mock Your reign, 0 dearest Lord 聖週 250
251 耶穌受難 0 sacred head, surrounded 受難 251
252 主背負重擔 You have suffered alone for me 受難 252
254 十架七言 Here on the cross 受難 254
255 頌揚榮耀戰爭 Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle 受難 255
256 你是否在場 Were you there when they crucified my Lord 受難 256
257 無窮大愛、忍辱、犧性 The love that clothes itself in light 受難 257
260 耶穌哭泣 When Jesus wept 受難 260
261 救主傾流寶血 Alas! And did my Saviour bleed 受難 261
262 基督復生 Jesus Christ is risen today 復活日 262
264 戰爭完結 The strife is over, the battle done 復活日 264
265 光榮屬主 Yours is the glory 復活日 265
266 復活良辰 The day of resurrection 復活日 266
267 基督我主今復生 All creation join to say, alleluia 復活日 267
268 基督已復活 Surrexit Christus 復活日 268
269 主復生 Jesus lives! Your terrors now 復活日 269
270 昔在、今在、永存基督 Christ was of old, yet Christ is of today 復活期 270
272 往以馬仵斯路 Paved with Stone 復活期 272
273 稱謝復活主 Paved with stone and paved with sorrow 復活期 273
274 永活基督 Christ is alive 復活期 274
275 福音大能" Darkness is gone 復活期 275
276 被棄者蒙恩 An outcast among outcasts 復活期 276
277 基督衝開死綑鎖 This joyful Eastertide 復活期 277
279 死被生命吞噬 Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bands 復活期 279
281 基督復生永掌權 In the tomb so cold they laid Him 復活期 281
283 被殺羔羊 You, Lord, are both Lamb and Shepherd 復活期 283
284 羔羊筵上 At the lamb's high feast we sing 復活期 284
285 逾越羔羊已獻 God's Paschal Lamb is sacrificed for us 復活期 285
286 釋除疑念 These things did Thomas count as real 復活期 286
287 憑信,不憑眼見 We live by faith and not by sight 復活期 287
288 復活基督 The risen Christ who walks on wounded feet 復活期 288
289 歡呼上主高升 God has gone up with shouts of joy 升天 289
293 榮登寶座 Up through endless ranks of angels 升天 293
294 振奮你心 Lift up your hearts, believers 升天 294
295 主復活高升榮庭 Forsaking chariots of fire 升天 295
296 頌主基督今高升 Hail the day that sees Christ rise 升天 296
297 基督凱旋 Hail the risen Lord, ascending 升天 297
298 上主榮耀再來 When the Lord in glory comes 升天 298
299 同歡慶快樂辰 Hail Thee, festival day 聖靈降臨日 299
300 聖靈澆灌 Rejoice, the year upon its way 聖靈降臨日 300
301 神火如舌 Fire of God, undying flame 聖靈降臨日 301
303 信徒應當禱告 Let every Christian pray 聖靈降臨日 303
305 懇求聖靈來臨 Come, 0 Holy Spirit come 聖靈降臨日 305
306 聖靈感化 0 Holy Spirit, by whose breath 聖靈降臨日 306
307 神愛,懇求降臨 Come down, 0 love divine 聖靈降臨日 307
308 聖靈,求降臨 Like the murmur of the dove's songs 聖靈降臨日 308
310 聖靈作工 Holy Spirit, ever dwelling 聖靈工作 310
311 聖靈運行創造 Spirit, working in creation 聖靈工作 311
312 聖靈果子 Fruitful trees, the Spirit's sowing 聖靈工作 312
314 聖靈居心內 Spirit of God within me 聖靈工作 314
315 聖靈運行 Holy Spirit is like the wind 聖靈工作 315
316 求主開眼 Open my eyes, that I may see 聖靈工作 316
317 至聖三一神 0 God, Almighty Father 三一主日 317
319 頌讚三一 Praise the King of all creation 三一主日 319
320 讚美上主 We give immortal praise 三一主日 320
322 普賜宏恩 Father long heaven, whose love profound 三一主日 322
323 威嚴神聖之名 Name of all majesty 基督君王 323
324 高唱榮耀之歌 A hymn of glory let us sing 基督君王 324
325 耶穌是主 Jesus is Lord! Creation's voice proclaim it 基督君王 325
326 同頌主名 Christ is the King 基督君王 326
329 基督再臨 Jesus comes with clouds descending 基督君王 329
330 基督禧年 Hidden Christ, alive for ever 舊歲新年 330
331 除夕迎新歲 Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky 舊歲新年 331
333 感恩迎新年 Now greet the swiftly changing year 舊歲新年 333
334 心泉歌 The grace of God unbounded is 舊歲新年 334
335 新年禱告 For Your mercy and Your grace 舊歲新年 335
336 光陰荏苒 Time now has passed 舊歲新年 336
337 上主撫養子民 0 God of Bethel 特禱日 337
338 福音領人出死入生 Father, with all Your gospel's power 宗教改革 338
340 堅固保障 A mighty fortress is our God 宗教改革 340
341 保守至聖真道 Preserve Your Word, 0 Saviour 宗教改革 341
342 抖震之手承受產業 In trembling hands. Lord God, we hold 宗教改革 342
343 使徒--上主永恆恩賜 The eternal gifts of Christ the King 諸聖先賢 343
344 奮力爭戰 By all Your saints still striving 諸聖先賢 344
345 感謝讚美敬獻主 For the faithful who have answered 諸聖先賢 345
346 忠貞聖徒前進 By faith have God's saints walked 諸聖先賢 346
347 感謝上主 For the fruit of all creation 感恩 347
348 同獻感恩詩歌 Let all things now living 感恩 348
349 謝主賜百物豐富 Praise God for the harvest 感恩 349
350 齊來謝主 Now thank we all our God 感恩 350
351 耕田撒種 We plough the fields and scatter 感恩 351
352 讚美造物主 Praise our God above for His boundless love 感恩 352
353 收成感恩 Come, you thankful people, come 感恩 353
354 繼住開來播新種 How short a time our church's years 堂慶 354
355 建造主殿 Let us build a house of worship 堂慶 355
356 齊獻主殿 Creator, Spirit, Living Word 堂慶 356
357 上主殿宇 Thou, whose unmeasured temple stands 堂慶 357
358 上主之殿 Founded on You, our only Lord 堂慶 358
360 神家敬拜之所 We praise Your name, 0 God of all creation 堂慶 360
361 奉獻作主靈宮 We enter. Lord 堂慶 361
363 祝福聖殿 We bless the windows of this house 堂慶 363
365 上主居臨 God is here 會眾崇拜 365
366 主殿敬拜 0 God of font and altar 會眾崇拜 366
367 崇敬主,恩無窮 Now the silence, now the peace 會眾崇拜 367
368 恩賜事主 Moved by the gospel, let us move 會眾崇拜 368
369 萬民當稱頌主 Laudate omnes gentes 會眾崇拜 369
370 光輝、生命、恩典之日 This day at Your creating Word 主日 370
371 上主的日子 This is the day when light was first created 主日 371
372 聖日歡欣光明 0 day of rest and gladness 主日 372
373 齊來聚集 We gather together 始禮 373
374 齊來讚美 Come let us praise 始禮 374
375 靜默主跟前 Be still, for the Spirit of the Lord 始禮 375
376 萬國讚美 Laudate Dominun 始禮 376
377 宣召崇拜主 As the organ calls to worship 始禮 377
379 上主喜愛樂捐的人 Lord, You love the cheerful giver 奉獻 379
380 樂獻己身 God, whose giving knows no ending 奉獻 380
381 全人奉獻 My freedom. Lord, my memory 奉獻 381
383 上主賜福差遣 Sent forth by God's blessing 差遣/散會 383
384 賜福差遣子民 Go, my children, with my blessing 差遣/散會 384
385 求主差遣 Lord, dismiss us with Your blessing 差遣/散會 385
386 遵旨做工 Forth in Your name, 0 Lord, I go 差遣/散會 386
388 永活基督教會 Church of the Living Christ 差遣/散會 388
389 受主命差遣 Go forth for God 差遣/散會 389
390 奮起回應主呼召 We rise to respond 差遣/散會 390
391 求賜平安 Saviour, again to Your dear name we raise 差遣/散會 391
392 平安前行 Forth in the peace of Christ we go 差遣/散會 392
393 與主相遇 Bush by the fire illumed 差遣/散會 393
396 目睹救恩來臨 Now have You set Your servant free 差遣/散會 396
397 西面頌 Faithful vigil ended 差遣/散會 397
398 東方破曉 Morning has broken 早禱 398
399 滿天榮耀 Christ, whose glory fills the skies 早禱 399
400 讚美萬有神 God, we praise You for the morning 早禱 400
401 神的喜樂 0 joy of God 早禱 401
402 清晨頌歌 Golden breaks the dawn 早禱 402
403 夜盡光天 Father, we praise You, now the night is over 早禱 403
404 我靈速醒 Awake, my soul, and with the sun 早禱 404
405 仰主榮光 0 splendour of God's glory bright 早禱 405
406 晚間求恩 Now evening comes to close the day 晚禱 406
407 夜幕低垂主同在 Day is done, but love unfailing 晚禱 407
408 晚禱 Christ, mighty Saviour 晚禱 408
409 美妙時光 0 gladsome light, 0 grace 晚禱 409
410 晚間讚美 Glory to You, my God, this night 晚禱 410
411 晚間獻心 The day You gave us. Lord, is ended 晚禱 411
412 主賜真光 0 God of light 聖道 412
413 聖經真理流傳 Deep in the shadows of the past 聖道 413
414 主道不變更 God has spoken by His prophets 聖道 414
415 上主曉諭百姓 God has spoken to His people 聖道 415
417 暗路明燈 Lamp of our feet, whereby we trace 聖道 417
418 神已發言 Thanks to God whose Word was spoken 聖道 418
419 水禮印記 Baptized in water 水禮 419
420 藉水與道印記 This is the Spirit's entry now 水禮 420
421 活在基督 We who live in Christ 水禮 421
424 帶我進到水中 Take me to the water 水禮 424
425 水的記號 In water we grow 水禮 425
426 確知基督復生 We Know that Christ Is Raised 水禮 426
427 求父垂顧 Father, now behold us 水禮 427
428 願神收納孩子 This Cherished Child of God’s Creation 水禮 428
429 讓孩子到主前 Let the little children come to me 水禮 429
430 披戴基督 You have put on Christ 水禮 430
431 救恩標記 This is the truth which we proclaim 水禮 431
433 父神喚我名 0 God, You called me by my name 堅振 433
434 豐盛生命 How good and pleasant that we live 堅振 434
435 上主邀請服事 Lord, we have come at Your own invitation 堅振 435
436 謝主赦罪之恩 I come with joy, a child of God 聖餐 436
437 基督--祭司羔羊 Come, Christ's beloved 聖餐 437
438 上主國度此時此地 Here in this place, new light is streaming 聖餐 438
439 披上喜樂 Deck yourself, my soul, with gladness 聖餐 439
440 仰瞻聖面 Here, 0 my Lord, I see You face to face 聖餐 440
441 凡有血氣 Let all mortal flesh keep silence 聖餐 441
442 銘刻聖名 Father, we thank You that You've planted 聖餐 442
443 同領主餐 Eat this bread 聖餐 443
444 ?滿足每顆飢渴的心 You satisfy the hungry heart 聖餐 444
445 耶穌召眾" Jesus calls us 聖餐 445
446 合一聖餐 Lord, who at Your first Eucharist did pray 聖餐 446
447 真生命糧 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour 聖餐 447
448 與主坐席 Now let us from this table rise 聖餐 448
450 主餐獻禮 Dear Father, take from loving hands 聖餐 450
451 謙恭同領主餐 Draw near and take the body of the Lord 聖餐 451
452 生命之糧今擘開 The bread of life, for sinners broken 聖餐 452
453 主設筵席牧小羊 Feed Your flock, 0 Shepherd holy 聖餐 453
454 聖桌擺開 Jesus took the bread 聖餐 454
455 恭敬虔誠領主餐 I received the living God 聖餐 455
456 回應主愛 God, whose love is all around us 聖餐 456
457 聖筵教導眾心 As we gather at Your table 聖餐 457
458 赴主宴席 Let us talents and tongues employ 聖餐 458
459 求增力量 Strengthen for service. Lord, the hands 聖餐 459
460 救世天糧 Bread of the world, in mercy broken 聖餐 460
461 應主選召事奉 God, who summons through all ages 按立授職 461
462 傾降聖靈 Pour out Your Spirit from on high 按立授職 462
463 先知的主 God of the prophets! Bless the prophets' heirs 按立授職 463
464 真光之主 Lord of true light, we gratefully adore You 按立授職 464
466 完全的愛 0 perfect love, all human thought transcending 婚禮 466
468 更新誓約 Come, let us all renew the vows 婚禮 468
469 共證愛盟誓 As man and woman we were made 婚禮 469
470 主證婚盟 Come, Lord Jesus, to this place 婚禮 470
471 願主愛永屬我 Not for tongues of heaven's angels 婚禮 471
472 齊眉歌 On this happy day of wedding 婚禮 472
473 天下各家從主得名 0 God, who gave humanity its name 婚禮 473
474 基督得勝 Christ the victorious 喪禮 474
475 死亡萌發豐盛生命 Those whose hearts are racked with pain 喪禮 475
476 蒙愛得福聖徒 Forever loved, forever blessed 喪禮 476
478 息勞苦、進安歇 0 rest in peace at last 喪禮 478
479 生命之主 Lord of the living 喪禮 479
480 基督在前方 Going home 喪禮 480
481 與主接近 Nearer, my God, to Thee 喪禮 481
482 主必安慰 Yea, I will comfort you 喪禮 482
483 求洗我腳 0 Lord, wash my feet 洗腳禮 483
484 主備樓房 An upper room 洗腳禮 484
485 眾僕之首為徒洗腳 0 first and greatest of all servants 洗腳禮 485
486 主愛更新改變 You laid aside Your rightful reputation 洗腳禮 486
487 上主國度 The Kingdom of God is justice and joy 天國降臨 487
488 天門大開 Heaven is open wide 天國降臨 488
489 你當歡欣 Rejoice, the Lord is King 天國降臨 489
490 願?的國降臨 Father eternal, ruler of creation 天國降臨 490
493 主愛教會 Christ loves the church 大公教會 493
494 復活奇工 At the font we start our journey 大公教會 494
495 基督教會基石 Christ is made the sure foundation 大公教會 495
496 主是基礎 Christ is our comer-stone 大公教會 496
497 教會根基 The church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord 大公教會 497
498 天下一家 Christ defined our neighbourhood 教會合一 498
499 聖靈塑造教會胸懷 We are Your people 教會合一 499
502 一主一神恩賜多 God of change and glory 教會合一 502
503 主為合一而禱 Eternal Christ, who, kneeling 教會合一 503
504 求引領主民 In the midst of new dimensions 教會合一 504
507 為教會合一禱告 Dear Christ, the Father's loving Son 教會合一 507
509 忠主眾聖徒 For all the saints 聖徒相通 509
510 萬方團契 In Christ there is no east or west 聖徒相通 510
512 主親引牽 Your hand, 0 God, has guided 聖徒相通 512
513 活著為主 The saints in Christ are one 聖徒相通 513
514 根基穩固 Clouds of witnesses surround us 聖徒相通 514
516 天國福音 When Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of God 教會使命 516
517 我差遣你 So send I you 教會使命 517
518 實踐和平 Sing out for peace 教會使命 518
519 使萬民作門徒 Go, make of all disciples 教會使命 519
520 主頒使命 Lord, You give the great commission 教會使命 520
523 振興回應使命 0 Zion, haste, your mission high fulfilling 教會使命 523
524 眾光之父 Lord of Light 差傳佈道 524
525 奧妙上主 Wondrous God, more named then know 差傳佈道 525
526 求主使用差遣 Lord, speak to me that I may speak 差傳佈道 526
527 權柄交主 All authority and power 差傳佈道 527
528 見證傳揚上主高升 Christ high-ascended 差傳佈道 528
529 應主召喚 Forward through the ages 差傳佈道 529
530 務把主愛遍傳 Out to the great wide world we go 差傳佈道 530
531 基列乳杳 There is a balm in Gilead 全人醫治 531
532 父賜天福 For all Your blessings. Father 全人醫治 532
533 願主更新、塑造 The God who formed us in the womb 全人醫治 533
535 上主醫治大能 0 God, whose healing power 全人醫治 535
536 光榮歸上主 I was blind, but now I see 全人醫治 536
537 耶穌頒主醫治 Silence! Frenzied. Unclean spirit 全人醫治 537
538 求主醫治釋放 God! When human bonds are broken 全人醫治 538
540 真理無涯 We limit not the truth of God 教導牧養 540
541 真知道神 How shall we find You 教導牧養 541
542 偉大永生神 Bring many names 教導牧養 542
543 上主曉諭奧祕 Without the fire 教導牧養 543
544 你們是世上的鹽 You are salt for the earth, 0 people 教導牧養 544
545 從前眼瞎今復明 He healed the darkness of my mind 教導牧養 545
546 聖道種子撒播 Almighty God, Your Word is cast 教導牧養 546
547 復興主教會 Revive Your church, O Lord 教會更新 547
548 教會的主 Lord of the Church 教會更新 548
549 願主國降臨 0 Lord, the clouds are gathering 教會更新 549
550 向基督獻頌揚 Christ for the world we sing 為國析禱 550
551 為國感恩祈禱 Not alone for mighty empire 為國析禱 551
552 求主醫治萬族 For the healing of the nations 為國析禱 552
553 求告邦國之神 We turn to You, 0 God of every nation 為國析禱 553
555 萬民所望 Hope of the world 為國析禱 555
556 神佑中華 China arose four thousand years ago 為國析禱 556
557 生命路程 Where cross the crowded ways of life 社會關懷 557
558 耶穌一活水泉源 Jesus, ever-flowing fountain 社會關懷 558
561 求主作我光 Longing for light 社會關懷 561
562 求開心竅 Come and Bring Light to a People in Darkness 社會關懷 562
563 實踐信仰城市中 Through the heart of every city 社會關懷 563
564 陌生路人站門外 Stranger, standing at my door 社會關懷 564
566 知主同行 When the poor ones 社會關懷 566
568 公義、權能正進行 The voice of God goes out through all the world 公義 568
570 基督群體 Community of Christ 公義 570
573 起來回應,實踐信仰 This we can do 公義 573
574 神精妙創造 Celebrate all human beauty 人性尊嚴 574
575 上主形象 0 God, we bear the imprint of Your face 人性尊嚴 575
576 現代都市 Sing we of the modem city 人性尊嚴 576
577 主心傷透 God weeps at love withheld 人性尊嚴 577
578 上主創世宏旨 Remember, Lord, the world You made 人性尊嚴 578
579 上主付託擔承 God gave us as in trust to hold 環境保育 579
580 更新大地 Thank you. God, for water, soil and air 環境保育 580
581 上主託付這地 God in His love for us lent us this planet 環境保育 581
582 父賜萬物 God who gave us all this beauty 環境保育 582
584 上主一生命始與終 Beloved God, our Father, Mother, Friend 環境保育 584
585 主賜人類智慧 The earth, the sky, the oceans 文化科技 585
586 全地屬主 God of concrete. God of steel 文化科技 586
587 尋求主旨和平 You gave us. God, this earth 受託 587
589 作好管家 We are stewards of God's grace 受託 589
592 奉獻於主 Star spangled space and sun of gold 受託 592
593 求主使用 Christ has on hands but your hands 受託 593
595 服事鄰舍 Jesu, Jesu, fill us with Your love 服務 595
596 榮美教會 Christ's church shall glory in His power 服務 596
598 蒙主呼召服事 Christ, You call us all to service 服務 598
599 忠僕顯主恩 With Awe Approach the Mysteries 服務 599
600 求主教我事奉 Teach us, good Lord, to serve 勞動 600
601 拿撒勒木匠耶穌 What boundless love 勞動 601
602 神聖良朋 Jesus, our divine companion 勞動 602
604 主,我願你來 Christ is coming 榮耀盼望 604
606 同建聖城 0 holy city, seen of John 榮耀盼望 606
607 君王再臨 When the King shall come again 榮耀盼望 607
608 持守應許盼望 View the present through the promise 榮耀盼望 608
609 主,請你快來 Marana, tha! 榮耀盼望 609
611 金燈臺的主 He walks among the golden lamps 榮耀盼望 611
612 等候上主 Wait for the Lord 榮耀盼望 612
613 基督必再來 Christ will come again 榮耀盼望 613
614 和平之日 0 day of peace that dimly shines 萬物得贖 614
616 主前一家 You made Your human family one 萬物得贖 616
617 主言如今伸張 God's judgement comes like fire 萬物得贖 617
619 悅納之年 Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord 萬物得贖 619
620 凱旋筵席 Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord 萬物得贖 620
621 黃金之邦 Jerusalem the golden 教會得榮 621
622 與人同住親作神 Now before the throne of heaven 教會得榮 622
623 榮光之城彷彿新婦 A city radiant as a bride 教會得榮 623
626 榮耀大日 Glorious the day  新天新地 626
627 主光輝耀 Arise, shine out. Your light has come 新天新地 627
628 美哉錫安 Glorious things of You are spoken 新天新地 628
629 上主旨意運行 God is working His purpose out 新天新地 629
630 世界真光 Christ is the world's true light 新天新地 630
632 俯伏認罪 Lord, when we bend before Thy throne 悔罪蒙赦 632
633 求寬恕我 Forgive our sins as we forgive 悔罪蒙赦 633
634 回轉歸向上主 Return to face your God 悔罪蒙赦 634
635 求主饒恕 Forgive us. Lord 悔罪蒙赦 635
636 我信主耶穌 Jesus my Lord 信仰喜樂感謝 636
637 活潑的盼望 Faith, moving onward 信仰喜樂感謝 637
638 基督賜新生 Here on the threshold of a new beginning 信仰喜樂感謝 638
639 仰望羔羊 My faith looks up to You 信仰喜樂感謝 639
641 歡欣踴躍之主 I danced in the morning 信仰喜樂感謝 641
642 豈能閉口不歌唱 My life flows on in endless song 信仰喜樂感謝 642
643 我主無比珍貴 As water to the thirsty 信仰喜樂感謝 643
644 主愛宏深 Not what I am, 0 Lord 信仰喜樂感謝 644
645 每日新恩 New every morning is the love 信仰喜樂感謝 645
646 衷心感謝天父 Give thanks with a grateful heart 信仰喜樂感謝 646
647 神賜獨子為眾捨命 God loved the world so that He gave 稱義、復和 647
648 堅固根基確認 Now I have found the firm foundation 稱義、復和 648
650 基督可靠、可誇 Your works, not mine, 0 Christ 稱義、復和 650
651 萬古磐石 Rock of ages, cleft for me 稱義、復和 651
653 願主旨意成就 Let God's will be done on earth now: Alleluia 稱義、復和 653
654 奇妙恩典 Amazing grace! How sweet the sound 稱義、復和 654
655 培養情操 I want a principle within of watchful, godly fear 成聖 655
657 時刻需主 I need You every hour 成聖 657
658 更新學習 We Come, 0 Christ, As People Seeking 成聖 658
659 緊靠上主 0 for a closer walk with God 成聖 659
660 天天效主 Jesus, humble was Your birth 成聖 660
661 創生上主 Dear Lord, Creator good and kind 成聖 661
662 成聖工夫 Take time to be holy 成聖 662
663 以基督心為心 May the mind of Christ my Saviour 成聖 663
664 主內團契 We gather in Your house 彼此相愛 664
665 聖桌展示上主接納 Help us accept each other 彼此相愛 665
666 彼此相愛 0 Christian, love your sister and your brother 彼此相愛 666
667 繫連妙結 Blest be the tie that binds 彼此相愛 667
668 在光中行 Walk in the light 信徒品格 668
669 愛屬於主 Love is of God 信徒品格 669
670 頌主愛名 0 for a heart to praise my God 信徒品格 670
671 與主偕行 0 Saviour, let me walk with You 信徒品格 671
672 主民奮起 Rise Up, People of God 事奉服務 672
673 實踐所信 Christian, rise and act your creed 事奉服務 673
674 我愛教會 I love Your church, 0 God 事奉服務 674
676 求作遠象 Be Thou my vision 事奉服務 676
677 主僕警醒 You servants of the Lord 事奉服務 677
678 要因上主歡喜快樂 Though the fig tree does not bud 苦難奮鬥 678
679 耶穌召眾跟隨 When pain of the world surrounds us 苦難奮鬥 679
680 謝主扶持 Oft in sorrow, worried and grieved 苦難奮鬥 680
681 奮勇苦幹 Go, labour on 苦難奮鬥 681
683 求賜智勇 God of grace and God of glory 苦難奮鬥 683
684 我靈鎮靜 Be still, my soul: the Lord is on your side 苦難奮鬥 684
685 時光主宰配頌揚 Lord of our dawning 禱告、祈求 685
686 天上父神 Father God in heaven 禱告、祈求 686
688 禱聲獻主 Saviour, when in tears and dust 禱告、祈求 688
689 主降生人間 Lord, who left the highest heaven 禱告、祈求 689
690 先求神國與義 Seek Ye First 禱告、祈求 690
692 成全主旨 Have Your own way 禱告、祈求 692
693 願神施恩 Give us, 0 God, the grace to see 禱告、祈求 693
694 禱告良辰 Sweet hour of prayer 禱告、祈求 694
695 耶穌恩友 What a friend we have in Jesus 禱告、祈求 695
696 大地回春頌神恩 The Spring has come 忠心盼望  696
697 主是我心盼望根源 All my hope on God is founded 忠心盼望 697
698 我心相信 My heart looks in faith 忠心盼望 698
699 惟靠耶穌 Loving Father, my saving Lord 忠心盼望 699
700 雅各之旅 As Jacob travelled far  忠心盼望 700
701 天父引導 Lead us, heavenly Father 旅途蒙引 701
702 求主引領 Guide me, 0 my great Redeemer 旅途蒙引 702
703 天程客旅 0 happy band of pilgrims 旅途蒙引 703
704 雅各角力 Jacob wrestling with a stranger 旅途蒙引 704
705 耶穌領我 He leads my way 旅途蒙引 705
706 主必看顧 Be not dismayed 旅途蒙引 706
707 聞聲應主 I heard the voice of Jesus say 旅途蒙引 707
708 常住愛中 In heavenly love abiding 旅途蒙引 708
709 同心前進 Through the night of doubt and sorrow 旅途蒙引 709
710 天路作客旅 We Who Would Valiant Be 旅途蒙引 710
711 誰為我做工 Hark! The voice of Jesus calling 奉獻委身 711
712 奮起為主 Stand up, stand up for Jesus 奉獻委身 712
713 基督精兵 Soldiers of Christ, arise 奉獻委身 713
714 打美好仗 Fight the good fight with all your might 奉獻委身 714
715 信徒精兵 Onward Christian soldiers 奉獻委身 715
716 愛主更深 More love to You, 0 Christ 奉獻委身 716
717 永恆之君前導 Lead on, 0 King eternal 奉獻委身 717
718 耶穌,我曾應許 0 Jesus, I have promised 奉獻委身 718
719 主,差遣我 For Christian homes, 0 Lord, we pray 奉獻委身 719
720 基督賜平安 In labour all creation groans 奉獻委身 720
721 耶穌,罪人朋友 Jesus, friend of sinners 奉獻委身 721
722 至寶獻主 Give of your best to the Master 奉獻委身 722
723 選擇生命 Choose life, choose love ?the hour is late! 信徒本分 723
724 選擇上主祝福 I have set before you life and death 信徒本分 724
725 跟隨主腳蹤 Will you come and follow me 信徒本分 725
727 耶穌呼召 Jesus calls us, over the tumult 信徒本分 727
728 如今更愛主 My Jesus, I Love You 信徒本分 728
729 認識主基督 All I once held dear 信徒本分 729
730 巧工巨匠 0 Master, workman of the race 信徒本分 730
731 父乃栽者.基督葡樹 Christ, the vine, and God, the gardener 信徒本分 731
733 忠誠事主 Let us now begin in earnest 信徒本分 733
734 負起十架 Take up your cross 信徒本分 734
735 本分當盡 A charge to keep I have 信徒本分 735
736 仁愛真神滿權能 God of love and God of power 信徒本分 736
737 主道超越世人 Your ways are not our own 信徒本分 737
738 生命之糧 Jesus, the bread of life 信徒本分 738
739 聖言管理家庭 For Christian Homes. 0 Lord, We Pray 家庭生活 739
740 全家之父 Our Father, by whose name 家庭生活 740
741 深願榮耀主名 In our lives. Lord 家庭生活 741
742 生命主宰 Lord of life and King of glory 父母親 742
743 三一上主作我神 God of Adam, God of Joseph 父母親 743
744 眾母之神 God of Eve and God of Mary 父母親 744
745 雙親之愛寬廣 How great the debt we owe 父母親 745
746 新生奧妙 Thank you. God, for Mary's child 生日 746
748 我心尊主 For ages women hoped and prayed 婦女 748
749 耶穌釋放賜新生 Woman in the night 婦女 749
750 忠信使女 For all the faithful women 婦女 750
751 傳道服務 Sisters in Christ each other greet 婦女 751
752 歡迎友明 Little children, welcome 兒童 752
753 上主認識我 There are hundreds of sparrows 讚美 753
754 今有平安 Peace before us 讚美 754
755 必不動搖 I shall not be moved 讚美 755
756 祂垂聽祈禱 I can talk to God 祈禱 756
757 主賜福兒童 Lord, bless the child unwanted 祈禱 757
758 我要真誠 I would be true 青年 758
760 愛是行動 Not what I think, but what I do 青年 760
761 掌管人生之主 Lord of our growing years 孝親敬長 761
762 生命之秋 0 Lord, You've always been our hope 孝親敬長 762
763 榮凱之歌靜待 How can we know how long You wait 孝親敬長 763
764 老練天路客 You seasoned travellers of the way 孝親敬長 764
765 熱切成長 In our work and in our play 學校生活 765
766 主掌管心衷 Lord and Saviour, true and kind 學校生活 766
767 新居感恩 Celebrate a new home we built 新居祝獻 767
768 神鴻恩廣大無邊 God's grace is great without surcease 新居祝獻 768
769 主愛充滿此家 Our house and home are You 新居祝獻 769
770 喜樂家庭 Happy the home that welcomes You 新居祝獻 770
771 求主親臨筵席 Be present at our table. Lord 謝飯 771
772 感謝上主賜飲食 Lord, we thank You for this food 謝飯 772
773 天涯一團契 Friends of years with just one heart 離別/祝福 773
774 盼望之主 God of hope 離別/祝福 774
775 祝願平安 Peace to you, sisters, brothers 離別/祝福 775
776 振興!發光 Arise and shine 宣召 776
777 興起!發光 Arise, shine 宣召 777
778 神竟成為人 When God is a child 宣召 778
779 生命之源 In You is the fountain of life 宣召 779
780 主愛長闊高深 0 love, how deep, how broad, how high 宣召 780
781 抬頭昂首 Lift up your heads 宣召 781
782 主真已復活 The Lord is risen, yes, indeed 宣召 782
783 基督已升高天 Christ has gone up on high 宣召 783
784 主在聖殿中 The Lord is in His holy temple 宣召 784
785 主在殿中 The Lord is in His holy temple 宣召 785
786 此地何其神聖 How sacred is this place 宣召 786
787 聖潔之主臨在 Surely the Lord is in this place 宣召 787
788 你當安靜 Be still and know 宣召 788
789 來看,神設帳幕在人間 Behold, the tabernacle of God 宣召 789
790 讚美頌 We praise You, 0 God 宣召 790
791 主門同進 Enter His gates with thanksgiving 宣召 791
792 清晨頌歌" The morning breaks 宣召 792
793 主民當前來 Come all you people 宣召 793
794 道在此間 There is one among us 宣召 794
795 向主唱新歌 Sing, sing unto the Lord a new song 宣召 795
796 呈獻新歌 Sing to the Lord 宣召 796
797 天與地歡呼 Heaven and earth 宣召 797
798 上主開我口 God, open my lips 宣召 798
799 靠主歡欣 Rejoice in the Lord 宣召 799
800 神是獨一的主 Yahweh is God, there is no other 十誡/八福 800
801 虛心的人有福了 Blessed are the poor in spirit 十誡/八福 801
802 天國福氣 Blessed are the poor 十誡/八福 802
803 天國後嗣 Blessed are the poor in spirit 十誡/八福 803
804 求主垂憐 Lord, have mercy 求主垂憐 804
805 上主垂憐 Lord, have mercy 求主垂憐 805
806 上主,求垂憐 Lord, have mercy 求主垂憐 806
807 求主垂憐 Kvrie eleison 求主垂憐 807
808 上主,垂憐我們 Lord, have mercy upon us 求主垂憐 808
809 頌讚三一神 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow 榮耀歸主 809
810 三一頌 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow 榮耀歸主 810
811 榮耀三一頌 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow 榮耀歸主 811
812 榮歸真神 Gloria 榮耀歸主 812
813 榮歸主頌 Glory to God on high 榮耀歸主 813
814 榮歸三一神 Glory be to the Father 榮耀歸主 814
815 榮耀 Gloria 榮耀歸主 815
816 求賜新心 Give me a pure heart that I may see You 短禱 816
817 聖靈,求垂聽 Spirit divine, hear our prayer 短禱 817
818 基督心思 May this mind be in us 短禱 818
819 主俯聽求告 Hear our prayer 短禱 819
820 主,求聽祈禱 Hear our prayer, 0 Lord 短禱 820
821 聖善主垂憐 Holy God 短禱 821
822 上帝所要的祭 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit 短禱 822
823 每一天 Day by day 短禱 823
824 基督已復生 Alleluia 阿利路亞 824
825 阿利路亞 Alleluia 阿利路亞 825
826 阿利路亞 Alleluia 阿利路亞 826
827 阿利路亞 Alleluia 阿利路亞 827
828 阿利路亞 Alleluia 阿利路亞 828
829 阿利路亞 Alleluia 阿利路亞 829
830 榮耀屬基督 Glory to You 讀經前/後 830
831 求主開啟眼目 0 Lord, open You our eyes 讀經前/後 831
832 ?的話是我腳前的燈 Your Word is a lamp to my path 讀經前/後 832
833 感謝上主 This is what the Spirit is saying to the churches 讀經前/後 833
834 使徒信經 I believe in God the Father 信經 834
835 求主賜福所獻 Bless You the gifts 奉獻 835
836 感謝獻呈 We give You but Your own 奉獻 836
837 求主接納我 Take, 0 take me as 1 am 奉獻 837
838 如麥子一般 As the grains of wheat once scattered on the hill 奉獻 838
839 獻禮文 All things come from You, 0 Lord 奉獻 839
840 奉獻主恩賜 Teach us, 0 Lord 奉獻 840
841 我心仰望 Lift your hearts, oh lift 心中仰望 841
842 將心靈獻給主 Lift up your hearts unto the Lord 心中仰望 842
843 獻心與主 May the Lord be with you 心中仰望 843
844 聖善主宰 Holy, holy, holy 三聖文 844
845 聖哉,聖哉,聖哉 Holy, holy, holy 三聖文 845
846 聖哉,聖哉,聖潔主 Holy, holy, holy Lord 三聖文 846
847 三聖頌 Agios 0 Theos 三聖文 847
848 聖哉,全能主 Holy, holy, holy. God of power 三聖文 848
849 和散那 Hosanna 稱頌和散那 849
850 信仰奧祕 Christ's death, 0 God, we proclaim 祝聖 850
851 奧祕的宣告 Christ has died. Christ is risen 祝聖 851
852 復活基督再臨 Christ has died. Christ is risen 祝聖 852
853 同赴美宴 This is the joyful feast of the people of God 虔領聖餐 853
854 品嘗主恩 0 taste and see how gracious is the Lord 虔領聖餐 854
855 羔羊垂憐 Lamb of God 羔羊憐憫 855
856 耶穌,神羊羔 Jesus, Lamb of God 羔羊憐憫 856
857 上主羔羊 0 Lamb of God 羔羊憐憫 857
858 神羔羊 Lamb of God 羔羊憐憫 858
859 主禱文 Heavenly Father 主禱文/禱求 859
860 主聽禱聲 Lord, in Your mercy 主禱文/禱求 860
861 主禱文 Our Father in heaven 主禱文/禱求 861
862 平安得力 Go forth in peace now 差遣 862
863 主與你同在 Lo, I am with you 差遣 863
864 上主更新萬事 Behold, I make all things new 差遣 864
865 國度屬上主 For Yours is the kingdom 差遣 865
866 站立門外叩門 Here I stand at the door and knock 差遣 866
867 上主同在賜福 Now go in peace 差遣 867
868 平安入世 Go in peace to love and serve the Lord 差遣 868
869 接受主恩賜 We will take what You offer 差遣 869
870 平安賞賜給你 Let not your heart be troubled 差遣 870
871 以主為念 Let us now depart in Your peace 差遣 871
872 求賜平安 Dona nobis pacem 差遣 872
873 祝福頌 The grace of the Lord Jesus 祝福 873
874 平安頌 Peace, peace. God's wonderful peace 祝福 874
875 願主賜福看顧你 The Lord bless you and keep you 祝福 875
876 願主賜福 The Lord bless you and keep you 祝福 876
877 超越的平安 May the peace of God 祝福 877
878 全能上主光照你 May the Lord, mighty God 祝福 878
879 榮耀全屬? Through Him, with Him 阿們 879
880 阿們 Amen 阿們 880
881 阿們 Amen 阿們 881
882 阿們 Amen 阿們 882
883 阿們 Amen 阿們 883
884 阿們 Amen 阿們 884
885 阿們 Amen 阿們 885
886 阿們 Amen 阿們 886
887 阿們 Amen 阿們 887
888 阿們 Amen 阿們 888
889 阿們 Amen 阿們 889
890 阿們 Amen 阿們 890
891 阿們 Amen 阿們 891
892 阿們 Amen 阿們 892
893 阿們 Amen 阿們 893
894 回轉向神 Return to God 頌歌 894
895 我心尊主為大 My soul glorifies the Lord 頌歌 895
896 尊主為大 Magnificat 頌歌 896
897 我靈宣揚主名 My soul proclaims with wonder 頌歌 897
898 撒迦利亞頌 Praise be the Lord 頌歌 898
899 讚美頌 We praise You, 0 God 頌歌 899
900 讚美與榮耀 Splendour and honour 頌歌 900
901 以基督心為心 Let this mind be in You 頌歌 901
902 萬有靠祂而立 In Christ were all things created 頌歌 902
903 敬虔奧祕 The mystery of our faith 頌歌 903
詩001a 信靠上主 Happy are they who trust 詩篇 001a
詩001b 晝夜思念神律法 Blessed is the man 詩篇 001b
詩001c 喜愛上主律法 Blessed is the man 詩篇 001c
詩008 我主偉大卓越 0 Lord, Our God, How Excellent 詩篇 008
詩010 求主莫棄 In my hour of grief or need 詩篇 010
詩013 求勿掩面 How long will You forget me. Lord 詩篇 013
詩019a 諸天述說主榮耀 The heavens declare 詩篇 019a
詩019b 創造奇功 The spacious firmament on high 詩篇 019b
詩019c 群星共宣主榮美 The stars declare His glory 詩篇 019c
詩019d 甦醒人心 God's law is perfect and gives life 詩篇 019d
詩019e 上主律法全備 You Have the Message of Eternal I.ife 詩篇 019e
詩022a 大愛莫測高深 What wondrous love is this 詩篇 022a
詩022b 我主,為何離棄我 My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? 詩篇 022b
詩023a 恩惠慈愛相隨 Your goodness and love pursue me 詩篇 023a
詩023b 永居主殿 I shall live in the house of the Lord 詩篇 023b
詩023c 主耶和華我牧者 The Lord my God my shepherd is 詩篇 023c
詩023d 上主,牧養我 Shepherd me, 0 God 詩篇 023d
詩024a 榮耀君王進來 Fling wide the gates 詩篇 024a
詩024b 大開城門 Fling wide the gates 詩篇 024b
詩024c 敞開心門 Lift up your heads 詩篇 024c
詩025b 我心仰望上主 To You, 0 Lord, I lift up my soul 詩篇 025b
詩027a 主是亮光拯救 The Lord is my light and my salvation 詩篇 027a
詩027b 上主是我亮光禱文 The Lord is my light 詩篇 027b
詩029a 上主威榮 In splendour and power 詩篇 029a
詩029b 坐著為王 Lord, bless Your people 詩篇 029b
詩031 一生在祢手 My times are in Your hands 詩篇 031
詩033b 向主獻詩歡呼 Bring songs of joy to God the Lord 詩篇 033b
詩034a 以心以口讚美主 Tell His praise in song and story 詩篇 034a
詩034b 細細嘗 Taste and see 詩篇 034b
詩036 主乃生命源頭 For with You is the fountain of life 詩篇 036
詩040 等候我主 I waited, I waited for the Lord 詩篇 040
詩042a 信靠永生上主 0 put your trust in God 詩篇 042a
詩042b 心靈渴慕主 As the deer longs for running water 詩篇 042b
詩042c 我心渴慕主 Like as the deer 詩篇 042c
詩046a 主是盤石 God, our help and constant refuge 詩篇 046a
詩046b 萬軍之耶和華 The Lord of the armies of earth and sky 詩篇 046b
詩046c 上主是避難所 God is our refuge and strength 詩篇 046c
詩047a 萬民當鼓掌 Clap your hands all you nations 詩篇 047a
詩047b 滿心讚頌歡欣 Take heart and praise our God 詩篇 047b
詩051a 永活主,求憐憫 Have Mercy on Us, Living Lord 詩篇 051a
詩051c 為我造清潔的心 Create in me a clean heart 詩篇 051c
詩056 倚靠神 In God I trust 詩篇 056
詩063 神慈愛比生命更好 Because Your grace is better 詩篇 063
詩065 大地屬主 The earth is Yours, 0 God 詩篇 065
詩066 向主歡呼 Make a joyful noise to the Lord 詩篇 066
詩067 神慈恩浩翰 God of mercy. God of grace 詩篇 067
詩068b 求主振起 Let God arise 詩篇 068b
詩070 深處向主呼求 Out of the depths I cry to You 詩篇 070
詩072a 向大衛之子歡呼 Hail to the Lord's anointed 詩篇 072a
詩072b 膏立新王 Hail to the Lord's anointed 詩篇 072b
詩072c 耶穌普治 Jesus shall reign 詩篇 072c
詩078 側耳聽主言 Hear, 0 my people, my teaching 詩篇 078
詩080 求主振興 Restore us Lord 詩篇 080
詩081 應當歡樂 0 be joyful 詩篇 081
詩082 上主審判世界 There where the judges gather 詩篇 082
詩084 渴慕耶和華殿宇 How lovely is Thy dwelling place 詩篇 084
詩085 主賜平安 Grant to us Your peace. Lord 詩篇 085
詩086 患難中呼求王 In the day of my trouble 詩篇 086
詩087 敬獻頌揚 For all Your boundless gifts 詩篇 087
詩089 上主無窮大愛 Timeless love 詩篇 089
詩090a 你永是主 From everlasting to everlasting 詩篇 090a
詩090b 上主亙古掌權柄 Our God eternal reigning 詩篇 090b
詩090c 千古保障 0 God, our help in ages past 詩篇 090c
詩091 上主如鷹背你 You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord 詩篇 091
詩095a 來向耶和華歌唱 Come, let us sing 詩篇 095a
詩095b 敬拜上主 Come, worship God who is worthy of honour 詩篇 095b
詩095c 敞開你心頌主 0 that today you would listen to His voice 詩篇 095c
詩096b 新歌歡頌讚主名 Come, let us sing to the Lord 詩篇 096b
詩098a 來稱頌真神 0 sing to the Lord 詩篇 098a
詩098b 向主唱新歌 Sing a new song to the Lord 詩篇 098b
詩100a 向主歡呼頌揚 All people that on earth do dwell 詩篇 100a
詩100b 阿利路亞:全地獻歌 Alleluia! Alleluia 詩篇 100b
詩100c 主內喜樂 0 be joyful in the Lord 詩篇 100c
詩100d 威嚴寶座 Before the Lord's eternal throne 詩篇 100d
詩100e 普天下歡呼 Shout for joy to the Lord all the earth 詩篇 100e
詩103a 稱頌主榮名 Bless the Lord 詩篇 103a
詩103b 我靈頌主 0 bless the Lord, my soul 詩篇 103b
詩103c 讚美天上君王 Praise, my soul, the King of heaven 詩篇 103b
詩104a 榮耀大君王 0 worship the King all glorious above 詩篇 104a
詩104b 差遣你聖靈 Come, Lord Jesus, send us Your Spirit 詩篇 104b
詩104c 更新這地 Lord, send out Your Spirit 詩篇 104c
詩105b 上主慈愛 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases 詩篇 105b
詩107a 祂本為善 Give thanks to the Lord 詩篇 107a
詩107b 恩典豐盛 Give God thanks for He is gracious 詩篇 107b
詩107c 因祂本為善 I cry out for Your hand for mercy 詩篇 107c
詩112 遵行神話語 Happy are they who delight 詩篇 112
詩115a 榮耀歸主名下 Not unto us 詩篇 115a
詩116a 我愛上主 I love the Lord 詩篇 116a
詩116b 我愛上主 I love the Lord 詩篇 116b
詩116c 向主還願詩 How can I repay the Lord 詩篇 116c
詩117 萬靈頌讚 From all that dwell below the skies 詩篇 117
詩118a 公義之門 Open the gates of righteousness 詩篇 118a
詩118b 歡呼和散那 Hail and hosanna 詩篇 118b
詩118c 主定之日 This is the day the Lord has made 詩篇 118c
詩119a 祢有永生之道 Lord, to whom shall we go 詩篇 119a
詩119b 主道教誨得生 All Your commandments. Father Almighty 詩篇 119b
詩121a 向山舉目 I lift up my eyes to the hills 詩篇 121a
詩121b 仰望上主 I to the hills lift up my eyes 詩篇 121b
詩121c 我要向山舉目 My help comes from God who made heaven and earth 詩篇 121c
詩122a 我們到主聖殿 I rejoiced when I heard them say 詩篇 122a
詩125 信靠上主,永不動搖 Those who rely on the Lord are unshakeable 詩篇 125
詩126a 復興主聖民 When God first brought us back from exile 詩篇 126a
詩127 靠主全備供應 If God is absent, all the cost 詩篇 127
詩130a 上主寬恕憐憫 The Lord will bring mercy and grant full pardon 詩篇 130a
詩133 主內相愛合一 How very good and pleasant when we live in unity 詩篇 133
詩136a 祂慈愛永長存 Give thanks to the Lord 詩篇 136a
詩136b 主慈愛長存 We give thanks unto You 詩篇 136b
詩136c 主愛永存 We thank You, Lord, for You are good 詩篇 136c
詩136d 讓我們稱謝主 Give thanks unto the Lord 詩篇 136d
詩139a 全知全能上主 Lord all-knowing 詩篇 139a
詩139b 求主鑒察、試煉我 Search me, 0 God 詩篇 139b
詩141 禱告如香獻呈 0 Lord, to You I call 詩篇 141
詩145a 高舉我神 I will exalt my God, my King 詩篇 145a
詩145b 上主尊榮 I'll speak of the glorious splendour of Your majesty 詩篇 145b
詩146 讚美真神 I'll praise my maker while I've breath 詩篇 146
詩148a 讚美耶和華 Praise the Lord from the heavens 詩篇 148a
詩148b 諸天讚美 Praise the Lord: you heavens, adore Him 詩篇 148b
詩149 樂歌稱揚真神 Give praise to our God 詩篇 149
詩150a 眾口皆當讚美主 Praise ye the Lord, Alleluia 詩篇 150a
詩150b 讓眾生讚美主 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord 詩篇 150b
詩150d 齊歌頌真神 Sing praise to the Lord 詩篇 150d
詩150e 永遠讚美 Praise the Lord, His glories show 詩篇 150e